We help companies in the agri-food sector navigate opportunities driven by global demand

What we do?

GapGreen connects growers & companies, with the desire to add value to their sustainable production.
GapGreen aims to expand the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices, helping the producer and the industry to strengthen supply chains, contributing to the transition towards responsibly produced raw materials.


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Sustainable sourcing is necessary as supply chains continue to expand globally, exposing businesses to an ever-expanding range of risks.
These risks include not only supply disruption, cost volatility, and compliance with local laws and regulations, but also brand reputation and positioning with global consumers and markets.


Sustainable agriculture methods have the potential to significantly increase farmers' yields, mitigate the effects of climate change, and provide producers and society with opportunities to build a responsible way of production.

The business benefits of sustainable sourcing are clear. It helps to ensure business continuity, opening opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement, by focusing on the needs of people and the preferences of consumers.


Areas in which we work

Our multidisciplinary team collaborates linked to agricultural and farmers organizations, companies and producers of raw materials at a global level.

With the goal of empowering the producer and the industry, we work on the development of projects and market recognition for sustainable production.

Project Development

We promote and collaborate in the development of projects with a focus on demand and the farmer. From identification and origination, coordination and development, and the participation of different stakeholders through strategic alliances.

We work on sustainability schemes in various crops and regions, in order to add value to their productions with guarantees of compliance with the highest standards.

Sustainable markets opportunities

We help companies explore business possibilities in the field of Sustainability by guiding and connecting them with initiatives that allow them to have a tangible positive impact.

Through strategic commercial partners, GapGreen has experience in the market for credits, bonuses and recognition for sustainable production.

We work with leading companies and organizations: 

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